Project Details

HAB enjoyed some beautiful Minnesota weather today and had another productive day of alum application!  We are still receiving tons of interest and support and we thought we would provide some of the requested project details.  Barr Engineering previously determined that a total dose of 584,000 gallons of alum was needed to inactivate the phosphorus that had accumulated in the lakebed to control internal loading.  They designed a three-phase application strategy that calls for the total dose to be applied in three separate applications.  HAB performed the first application of half of the total dose (292,000 gallons) in 2013.  Our current application will supply the next 25% of the total dose (146,000 gallons) to the lake and final 25% will be applied during a third phase in future.  This application strategy provides the ability to adjust where the alum is applied based on continued monitoring and lake response.

HAB is currently applying the second dose over a period of six days and the 146,000 gallons is being delivered in 36 tanker trucks.  The alum is being applied to a 480-acre portion of the lake with the deeper part receiving a higher dose (the deeper sediments are contributing more phosphorus to the overlying water).  Please note that the boat launch and lake remain open for use during the entirety of the 6-day project.

Thank you for your continued interest and feel free to contact us with additional questions!  Check out the following link for a very well-written article on the project:


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